Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog primero

Okay blogosphere... I am going to plug into you at long last. To any readers of this my first blog, I hope this is the beginning of a mutually satisfying, enduring relationship.

This blog will be my free expression, the closest I can get to saying what's really on my mind in a published manuscript (next to writing fiction).

Truth be told, I'm a young Black male (YBM) so I have a healthy paranoia that warns me against publishing shit like this. Nay I be shot when I get back to Dallas like Erykah, like Kennedy. Though $500.00 fines are cheaper than a lawyer, I hope she still fights the case. Another acquittal on record like the Oj case. That being said, I am taking a calculated risk. So what. That'll make it more fun.

YBMs are a unique and powerful force. We have taken the world over! Out of the throws of slavery, we have pervaded the system and taken it over! Everything they let us into we took over (i.e. boxing, baseball, soldierin, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and entertainment). And now we have the presidency.

But with great blessings come great responsibility, and every mothafuckin body wants to blame us for all of their problems. That's what happens to the quarterback. The Black woman, our counterpart, and heart... We have a lot to be thankful to you for. It hurts my feelings to watch the way we massacre loving one another. We get married less and divorced more than preceding generations. We think we're White and can't get it Right.

High acculturation is associated with all sorts of negative outcomes for YBMs & Fs. It really takes bicultural self-efficacy to master this game; the American Dream. Bicultural at least. Multicultural at best.

What I want to know from the people here (in the blogosphere) is...

In 2010, are you proud of the Black man? What about him makes you proud? If you are not proud of him, what about him doesn't hold your faith?


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