Friday, April 30, 2010

Principles of Time Travel

Time travel is possible. In fact, I am about to embark on a journey back to 2008 right now. I could explain my trip but instead I would rather spend this time talking about a way in which all of us time travel everyday.

Not many people are living currently, in the present. It seems that most people spend a lot of their time in the past. Their present thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked to past events. They approach the present and future as if whatever happened yesterday is certain to happen again today, and tomorrow. Some others spend much of their time in the future. Their primary concern is what will be.

Those that do live in the present, are the most content. They are removed from the entanglements of the past, their grieving its loss has ended, regrets no longer linger, and past successes are no longer the basis of their self-esteem. They do not worry about what if and what may come, but instead focus on what is. Living in the present allows you to function at your best in THE NOW.

It is advantageous at times to visit the past. This way you can correct past mistakes. It is also beneficial to branch into the future. This way you can plan and visualize goals to be achieved and anticipate possible obstacles so that you can prepare.

Sometimes you must go backward to go forward and other times going forward too far takes you back. Notwithstanding the benefits of time travel, the present, THE NOW, is where we are healthiest, most content, most stable, most secure, and alive.


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