Sunday, April 4, 2010

The End of Religious Holidays

Has Easter lost its significance? Freedom of religion, as provided by the constitution and universal law, also grants people the freedom from religion. In the last 2 decades there has been so much controversy generated over the celebration of religious holidays.

Today is Easter. For followers of the Christian Faith it is a day to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. For followers of the Jewish faith, it is Passover, a time to celebrate the Children of Israel fleeing Egypt and the bonds of slavery and witnessing the miraculous splitting of the Red Sea. And for the all kids and kids at heart it is a day for fun, games, and most importantly candy. There is nothing malicious about this or any other religious holiday yet still there is controversy. Why?

The problem as I see it is simply that people have there head up their culos. Here are the main criticisms I've heard:
  • These holidays are stolen from pagan holidays. The word Easter comes from the pagan goddess Eostre and the bunny and eggs symbolized fertility and rebirth to ancient pagan Egyptians, Persians, Hindus, and Phoenicians.
My response... So? Everything that is, always was, and always will be. Nothing is totally original. The motorcycle is based on the horse. The car on the coach. Helicopters on Dragon flies. And email on the telegraph.
  • I don't believe Jesus was the son of God, died for my sins, and was resurrected.
My response... Cool. Believe what you want to believe in. Also believe what is good for you to believe in. I don't like when people look for some incidental element to cling to in order to reject an entire idea. These are usually the same people knocking on wood, crossing their fingers, and avoiding cracks in the pavement anyway. Perhaps religion is very superstitous. That may be very appropriate since so many people are walking around blind.
  • Religious holidays aren't even religious anymore. Everything has been stolen by commercial interests. Easter is more for candy makers than it is for Jesus.
My response... And you care so much about Jesus that you are repulsed by the bunny? Oh come come now. You haven't been to church since your last funeral or wedding. Get off it and enjoy the celebration.

Some of you went to church today. Some gambled in Atlantic City. Some hunted for eggs filled with treats. Some stayed home, ate pizza, and blogged. Whatever you did and regardless of your beliefs, today is significant as all days are. However, this time... spring time... is a time for renewal. A time for life to begin anew. Easter & Passover both celebrate events that changed human history forever.

I hope you take this day as an opportunity to commit to changing something in your life. Happy Easter everybody!



  1. Well spoken. I think the most important point for people to consider is that we are all free to choose what we believe and do. If my decisions don't directly or indirectly for that matter affect someone else I don't understand why they care so much. I have the same response when I think about some "religous" people being so against gay and lesbian marriages. Those unions do not ruin the marriages of other, but that is a whole other can of worms........

  2. Thanks for the comment. It amazes me how people can protect their individual rights while simultaneously undermining the rights of others.

  3. some interesting thoughts james :)

  4. Thanks Aimee. You know I had to get festive for Easter.