Friday, April 23, 2010

Put off putting off

Every single day we put things off. We let things go. Sometimes its an unimportant task and other times a high priority. Usually when we procrastinate on high priority things, our deepest vulnerabilities are exposed.

Often it is fear that holds us back. Sometimes the fear is carried by our insecurities and doubts about our potential for success. Other times it is the very fear of succeeding and facing the next challenge.

Sometimes we put off moving forward because we are still so attached to the past.

Today, I want us to do something that we mean to do but, for whatever reason, we have been putting off. For instance, Obama could stop putting off addressing directly the needs of African Americans and all Black people. Congress could stop putting off enacting health care reform and immigration reform. Drug addicts can stop putting off kicking. Paramours can stop putting off loving truly. Students can cease procrastinating their studies. Christians can stop putting off Christ.

Today is a good day to put off putting off.


1 comment:

  1. Have you read the book "Eat the frog"?....very interesting on how to put discipline to procrastination.